Apathy – a time for Inner Reflection

Nov 22, 2012 | Posted in: Blog

Ever felt apathetic and tried to force yourself out of it?

Apathy can be a strange emotion to handle. On the one hand we are taught to just get off our ‘butts’ and kick ourselves into gear and on the other hand there is no drive, no vision and no desire with which we can make that shift. Anything we do in the state of apathy is through the energy of force and whilst it may get us going, the question is – does it get is going in the right direction or just doing what lead us into apathy in the first place?

If we take apathy as a call for us to pay attention to what is not working in our life we can learn a great deal. Our sense of apathy may be the result of our diet, our hormonal shifts, or it could be that we have lost our connection, or our love, with what we are doing, thinking, feeling and even with our life’s purpose.

There is no rush. Taking the time to discover the root of your apathetic feelings may lead you to correct your diet, seek medication if required and regenerate your energy and passion in the right direction for you now.