Helen Emms’ charismatic and refreshingly honest approach together with her personal experiences within business, sports performance and life is shared with her clients through coaching/mentoring, workshops, speaking and her motivational books. Helen balances compassion with thought provoking challenge and an undeniable experience of the fact there is a more fulfilling way to live life than the way most people currently exist. Helen’s personal energy and passion for her work is infectious and has led others to want to undertake their life’s journey through Inspiring Spiritual-Logic.

Helen has coached and trained thousands of people in achieving their highest potential. From her experiences in the Army spanning 12 years from Soldier to Officer, coaching sports teams and training soldiers to cope within the highest pressure situations, to Helen’s roles in industry, developing high performing teams – Helen knows how to align each person’s inner motivation for success.

Helen’s insatiable appetite for learning and passion for discovering new ways to work with her clients has led Helen to achieve the highest level of qualification and practical experience as a Psychologist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Trainer of NLP, EFT Practitioner and Reiki Trainer/Master. Helen has designed a number of Peak Performance Training and Coaching Programmes incorporating Spiritual-Logic for the Academy for Peak Performance and delivered these to elite sports performers and coaches. She has also designed and delivered culture change at one of the UK’s top Tennis Academies resulting in their attainment of International High Performance Status.

Helen’s authentic passion is influenced by Eastern philosophies and applied with logical precision. She makes the complex simple, which means it is easily applied. As you would expect, Helen is continuing her personal development journey by sharing Spiritual-Logic with you through her inspirational programmes, coaching, speaking and writing. Helen’s “Soul Purpose” is to help her clients achieve the highest level of personal development possible in order that they can be the best they can be and live a life they can say was worth it!