Stubbornness in pursuit of what?

Nov 19, 2012 | Posted in: Blog

Is there a fine line between stubbornness in pursuit of a dream and the cold hard reality?

How do we know if it is time to let go of an idea or a dream and move on?

With so much attention given to the ‘law of attraction’ and our beliefs being the cornerstones for creating success, it is easy for us to become trapped in our mind’s ideas of what is the right thing to do. We may continue in hot pursuit of a goal for years on end, because we believe we can achieve the outcomes promised, when really we are just being blind to the reality?

Aligning with the universe rather than our mind’s idea of what is right involves us achieving internal balance (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual). In our failure to align ourselves in this way we simply strive, through a state of imbalance, to hide from our innate fallibilities, bury ourselves in our addictions and try to satisfy our minds illusions with reasoned evidence to continue on our path (stubborn in our pursuit of something). The result though is a deep seated sense of unhappiness, incompleteness and disconnection. In our striving we can feel isolated and as if the world is against us. Eventually, we may stop our pursuit and change direction, but if that change is undertaken in our state of imbalance it too will result in a repeating cycle of discontent!

When we are in alignment we are always on the right path and we will always choose the right time to move on. We are in flow, with the tide and not against it. You can literally feel the difference.