Helen is very knowlegable in her field of work. She is also a great inspirational speaker. She is very personable and I would recommend her to anyone.
Gillian Brown, Clinic Manager, Harpenden Osteopathy & Sports Injury Clinic

Helen is an excellent mentor. Helen’s integrity, passion and energy flow through everything she does. Her thought provoking questions regularly allow me to change the way I look at things and the basis for the great results that follow.
Catherina Egger, Chief of Staff, Enterprise Development & Corporate Affairs at Barclaycard

If someone had mentioned the word ‘spiritual’ to me in a business context a few years ago, I would have laughed them out of the room. That was before I met Helen. I cant recommend her highly enough; she is calm, honest and provocative, in a gentle way – all the things you would want from a great mentor. She totally opens up the way for you to see things differently, one that is intuitive and connected, not conscious and ego driven. I thoroughly enjoy working with her and love the results I am getting through that work.
Sarah Kennard, Customer Service Delivery Manager at 3

Helen has without doubt, done more for Gosling IHPC than any other coach in shaping the peak performance philosophy here, a leading Tennis Academy in Britain. She has put psychological development at the forefront of our minds and shown us how to communicate with our players to positively influence their thoughts and actions to develop a healthy mind-set and high levels of self-esteem.
Daz Drake, APA Director

Although I resisted the idea of ‘Spiritual’ because of the connotations of religion and woo-woo, little did I know how wrong I was and what I was really missing out on. Following Helen’s Spiritual-Logic approach has opened my eyes, calmed my mind and allowed me to really engage with the opportunities that are out there for me. It has fundamentally changed my life and allowed me to successful by be ME and following my passion.
M Maupoint, Director Live It Ventures

Helen is one of the few coaches I have worked with who truly believes in, and acts on: ‘person first development’. Helen has helped me understand myself. As I am in the business of helping others improve it makes perfect sense to improve myself on a daily basis. Without Helen, raising my self awareness, my improvement would have taken much longer. I already know so much but feel I am at the beginning of my personal and coach development. Thank you Helen!
Tom Corrie, LTA Tennis Coach

Helen had a great impact on my coaching style as she has helped me to grow as an effective coach rather than just a tennis teacher. It is easy to detect the player´s mistake, the truly challenge begins when trying to transmit the knowledge. Her learnings are simple yet powerful and at the same applicable in every aspect of life. Thanks Helen!
Rafa Zurita, Performance Tennis Coach

I would just like to thank you for all the work you have done with Jack to help him learn to conquer his fears. I didn’t realise how much help children need to learn the necessary skills to be brave. Not in the sense of fighting brave, but in the sense of learning to not fear failure and making mistakes. How much this holds them back from achieving better results, enjoying their sport and being able to compete. It has been a real eye opener to see that they have to work so hard not just in tennis but at the level we might think of as their personality and character in order to make the changes happen to overcome the real barriers to them being successful. Thanks for all your support and guidance along the way.
Tracy Farrell (mum of 10 year old Jack)

As well as the relevance of what is covered during the development programme, what I especially fine enriching about Helen’s coach education is that it not only provides well researched theory, but it also prompts a set of questions which can be utilised in a wide range of situations to solve problems and enhance performance alike.
Sam Bruce, Peak Performance Coach

Helen has been great addition to our Queenswood performance programme. She has been inspirational and creative in terms of setting up mental skills challenges for our performance athletes. Her ability to design and implement various tasks that suit every player needs are brilliant. I was always amazed how well she has found the balance when applying the theory and practical aspect of the mental game. During the period of her involvement our committed tennis scholars have started to understand more about themselves in order to perform at a higher level and truly become Peak Performers.
Ambrus Pinter, Senior Head Coach, Queenswood School, LTA Senior Performance Coach

Helen’s work with coaches, coaching teams, on and off the court with players and parents has been central to our success. Her work has  facilitated the development of inspirational, honest, professional courageous coaches and assisted  players to win national and grand slam titles on the court and also win off the court. As a result, the Academy programme at Gosling is now regarded as the very best in the country.
Matt Willcocks, Director of Tennis, Gosling IHPC

Helen has assisted myself and the team in understanding what it is to be a peak performance coach, however more importantly Helen has been an inspirational figure in assisting raising our awareness and transforming our behaviours to meet the challenges we have on and off the court.
Richard Hawkes, High Performance Coach, Gosling IHPC

Helen has been an inspiring person in my life and a great mental skills coach in our tennis scholarship programme. Her practical approach is creative and process orientated with any clients in order to improve their day to day mental well being. This also has been reflected in her books in which spiritualism, and realism come together to give choices for the readers. Helen’s desire and commitment to deepen her readers knowledge in her books is outstanding and whoever is willing to participate in the journey on the road of ‘self discovery’ is going to be a winner!
Ambrus Pinter, Head of Tennis, Queenswood School

Helen is a pragmatic, highly intelligent self-starter who excels in achieving her objectives. She is highly reliable and works strongly both in a team environment and individually. I strongly recommend Helen to you.
Nigel Benwell, Programme Director, PJHQ