The Miracle of Life that You Are

Dec 6, 2012 | Posted in: Blog

When we consider all that needs to happen for us to even be born into this life, let alone survive it is easy to see that life is in fact a miracle we are here at all. We are not born from nothing, quite the opposite. Many, many things need to come together at a single point in time for us to be conceived. Then the conditions need to be right inside the womb for us to develop appropriately in order to survive in the outside world. Then when we eventually arrive here, our journey through life will take many directions. We are transformed along this journey.

Not only are we impacted by our own decisions, but we are inextricably linked to the decisions and actions of others and the conditions in our environment – whether we like it or not. This inter-connectedness and co-creating of our live begs the question how much control we really have over what happens on our journey, whilst at the same time how we interact in our world absolutely determines our journey’s direction. To think of ourselves as separate from others is just an illusion – we are in fact intimately connected on many levels.

Maybe our thoughts of separation help us to feel different, unique and special, or even protected in some way but they are technically inaccurate. Even the food we eat has an impact on us – our moods, our energy levels and our health. We interact every day with the air that we breathe, sometimes that might be clean air, but mostly it is polluted in some way. Our bodies are amazing toxin busting machines, but even our organs have limits of tolerance, beyond which we can become sick. This is our physical reality and journey here. This is the miracle of life and when we begin to see things this clearly there is no place for isolation and loneliness.