Who am I?

Nov 29, 2012 | Posted in: Blog

If you have already pondered the question for what purpose are you here, then you have most likely also asked the question who am I? I have pondered these questions many times and the more I learn and experience life the more I question. We can just as easily think our life has great purpose as it does have no purpose whatsoever. Of course, where we are at in our thinking on this has a significant impact on how we experience our life in that moment. A sense of purposelessness can lead to hopelessness and into depression. A sense of purpose on the other hand gives us energy, determination and value. How we achieve this sense of purpose changes over time. It can be achieved through our goals and dreams and it can be achieved through a simple sense of interconnectedness to all things, irrespective of what we achieve. But what about who we are in all of this?

How can we separate ourself from all those who have influenced our lives, and without isolating ourselves? WE must be the culmination of our genetic inheritance, our conditioning and our experiences in life and more… Fundamentally, we cannot be separated from that of which we are made and have experienced. What does it mean for us to know who we really are then, when we see qualities in those who have influenced us that we don’t like? What does it mean when we try to avoid being like someone, even if they are our parents?

In giving our energy to avoid those qualities in the people in our life that we don’t like, in order to be who WE really are is to fundamentally reject an aspect of ourselves. Whether we like it or not, we are inseparable from those who have influenced our life. Those same qualities that we don’t like in them are in us – we just cannot see it yet! The way to find ourselves is to be all that we aspire to be rather than getting sucked into those things we don’t want to be. But the energy that sucks us in is seductive – it takes great courage to accept that we are too that which we don’t like and act on ourselves to change.